Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The complete Duke Lacrosse Information Article

This is the tell-all article of all articles that I have read about this topic. Whether you have followed very little about this case, or you think you know most of everything that happened, trust me, YOU DON'T. EVERYTHING is described in great detail and laid out in this article. All the evidence, the timeline, the quotes, the lawyer bios... This case doesn't nothing but get more cryptic, juicy, and interesting by the second. There's scandal everywhere, and NEWSWEEK just about sums it all up right here.

There is a lot of information in this article that Newsweek picked up which I have not seen before, ie specifics of who did what parts of the alleged attack, etc. Very thorough article by Newsweek here.
 - ASong4Assata

Kim Roberts, the second dancer, gives a detailed interview to NewsWeek and the AP. There's also much information that NewsWeek dug up, involving the accused previous criminal records, just how rich these mofos really are, quoted descriptions from the people they associate with as to their personalities and characteristics. Shocking info. There's about 10 tens more info than I can describe here so all I can say is read the freaking article!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Automatic Fx Updates

Firefox is flipping hot! Telling me why I'm sitting here right, not even using firefox (of course its open), and I get a new pop-up that tells me "Firefox has finished downloading an updated new version: 1.5.02" and that it wants to know if it should restart.

That's just awesome. I had read about the update already but I was sure it was gonna erase my browser history from SessionSaver, losing everything that I was looking at, and I wasn't ready for that yet. Lucky me that Firefox has taken care of all of that already. All I had to do was click restart! Fx ran its lil compatibility manager upon reopening, updated my extensions, and I was right back where I left off. Thumbs up to mozilla for that one.

btw, I'm still waiting on v2.0 to come out so Fx can stop eating up my memory and clock speed the way it has been in recent months.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's about time

It's about time

Official Google Blog

Monday, April 10, 2006

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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Modern, Cool Nerd

I happen to be very proud of this result, was afraid it wasn't gonna come back the way I think things are lol.

Modern, Cool Nerd
52 % Nerd, 52% Geek, 21% Dork
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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Song 4 Assata

This blog has all the updates on the investigation case going on with the Duke University Lacrose team. Check it out to see what's happening.

I believe it | DISGUSTED

Story here.

I've been seeing it on TV for over a week now. As the typical skeptic that I am, I don’t always pay attention to whatever the news is preaching. I can now say that I've read the public statements and details about the event, and it’s obvious to see what happened.

Figures. I should have believed it right away, but there are liars out there too. There's a mountain of evidence as well, including the carving of the word 'nigger' into the skin, bruises and hospitalization from the beating, eye-witness Jason Bissey, and a time-frame that lines up like clock-work. I’m not even that upset about the incident as it may appear. People do dumb shit all the time; point taken. The manner in which Duke University and Durham Police Department are handing this is appalling! It’s one thing for some individuals to do something racist and ignorant, but when the authorities and agencies which govern us ENDORSE this kind of activity, something has to be done.

I'd like to say that only in the south can the town police act with such irresponsibility; I'd be wrong though. This type of injustice happens everywhere. This incident happened on the 13th of March, and just last week did the news finally start to run with it. The police haven't arrested a single person, took two days to even search the house, and for the most part are guarding these kids' privacy like [white] Hollywood celebrities. It wasn’t until the daily protests started that Duke U finally suspended the team’s season! When charges dropped on R. Kelly, they couldn't wait to get the cuffs on him, slam his head into the back of a car, all with the media conveniently there to broadcast the scene across the country. I’m not saying that R. Kelly is/was/isn’t innocent in the least, but can we have SOME kind of equality?

Jason Bissey was smoking a cigarette on the front porch next door and said he heard some of the party demand a refund. He heard one shout, "Hey @!$%#! (NIGGER) Thank your grandpa for my nice cotton shirt."

Someone from the house apologized and coaxed the women back inside. It was then, the woman says, that she was dragged into a bathroom and raped, beaten and choked for a half hour.

Police say medical evidence is consistent with a sexual assault. Officers recovered the woman's makeup bag, cell phone and identification from the house — as well as four red-polished fingernails she says were broken off during the struggle.

- Allen G. Breed (AP)
Both the Durham News & Observer and NCCU Campus Echo have the very descriptive accounts from the anonymous victim. When they say “…evidence is consistent with sexual assault”, that seems pretty clear to me. There are clear and present signs of rape. You mean to tell me there have been NO arrests?! The victim stated that she scratched her attackers, losing nails in the process; and they haven’t examined anyone?! How much more evidence do you need? They have everything except the finished DNA report, a confessional, and a flipping rape tape of these silver-spoon-feed brats in action and they’re still fucking walking around.

Depending on how this plays out, some more may very well be necessary. I can say that I’m happy the rallies and protests have already started. The Durham DA states that no arrest will occur until the DNA tests are back. I don’t think 46 white boys would all agree to give samples, then announce in public that the results would clear them, if they weren’t pretty sure that they would. The way I see it, the prosecution is trying to use this test as a way out. Under any other circumstances, the mountain of evidence established already would be enough to haul some asses to jail. This is bullshit.

"I don't want to rush into this," Nifong said. "I keep hoping some of these kids will have an attack of courage and conscience."
Bullshit. Racist ass cops. Corrupt system. Why are they still being treated like good samaritans? Where is the harassment and face in the cement that we get?! All these people crying about the fairness of the now somewhat-outraged media coverage piss me off. You don’t hear any of that when it’s a black defendant. According to the police department spokeswoman, it took TWO DAYS to interview the victim (at most a two hour venture), and establish probable cause (RAPE!-one second, I’m done).

I’ll say it again, the racism in this country NEVER ceases shock and amaze me.

Some questioned why no arrests had been made and why District Attorney Mike Nifong announced he planned to take a vacation while the investigation was under way.

"If it was the basketball team here and the victim was a student at Duke, the guys here would already be locked up," said Henry Johnson, an NCCU graduate student.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Maybe my new fantasy. Oh yes! Video link here.


I read this on Theresa's blog, a project called Xgl that takes an X server, throws Gentoo on it, and uses hardware acceleration and a custom windows manager to do some awesome desktop effects.

Makes me wanna throw Gentoo on the lappie right now. Seeing that they did the vid on a X server though, I might have to build a desktop for this. OHH, Priorities, Priorities... What shall I do?

lol, I'm basically stealing the whole post. All props to Theresa. Too bad blogger has no Trackback. Here are a few screen shots. The video at the end is the real kicker though, a real must see.



I watched the video and my jaw dropped a few times.


A comment about this album that I found to be right on point.

Like Bahamadia before her, Jean Grae carries the burden of being way too clever a "femcee" for the music business to behold. (For dumbed-down rhymes, go to Gangsta Boo.) When Grae's in battle-rap mode, her vocal clarity and lyrical dexterity remind one of Jay-Z. However, the relationship-focused confessionals elicit an even greater response because they're so darn honest. "Give It Up" or "P.S." sound like profound Emily Dickinson love poems read with a contemporary New York 'hood twist...

Yeah, she's hot. Can rap on just about anything. Dont wanna see her in a battle-rap either (See "Brooklyn Academy - Academics" for reference).