Tuesday, March 15, 2005

So called Spring Break

I just got those pictures to format right one the page, so I'm feeling like there is some hope for me as a web dev.

Since this shite is on the web, I figure I could use it to somewhat organize all the stuff that I have to do, or should be doing. Basically, I don't have a spring break this year. Not supposed to anyway. I have a blue whale long list of stuff to do, and if I actually do that stuff, I won't even be finish before break is over.

First up, school work that was due already. Number one is the Calc III homework. Even if I do it, I know this man ain't going to want to give me credit for it, and I have no way of getting it to him. I think I might as well scratch that one off the list right now.

When I wake up, I should finish the sp2 installation going on my bro's computer so that I don't hear any biatching when the fam gets back in the afternoon. I have to put some antivirus on there (will use the norton 2004 that ma gramz actually purchased), I ain't doing a firewall, have to clean it of spyware, set up the auto updates on sp2, then give him admin access and if he breaks it, I don't care. I planned on setting up remote access with a dynamic dns, but I don't want him bothering me everytime he wants to install something. I'm available like that. Now that I think about it, I can use the windows firewall and call it a day. I want to install that new MS spyware software too. It might be nice. I gotta reset the password on my gramz account too.

I'll clean up a lil bit after that, eat, and then I'll get my timesheets up to date (one month behind now, and running hella low on money). Yes, I even procrastinate about getting paid. I should see someone about that. Then there's that OOP stuff that I have to do. I think I want to do OOP in web services. I don't know of anyone that did that topic, so I'll do that. That's going to be so much work, I could cry. Have to find hella sources, then type friggin' 15 pages. Can you say bullshit?

That'll be my day right there. With all the distractions that I'm sure to run into, and my own pracrastination, I'll be shocked if I make a good dent in that OOP paper. Stuff that has to be finished up also this week is my status with
INROADS. I have to get in touch with them, see if they still like me. I have a fucking new calc III assignment due Monday... and I'm sure some shit that I can't think of right now. I'm starting to get sleepy, and that's a good thing (check the time). Maybe I can start my day sometime not too far after noon tomorrow. Peash.

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