Monday, February 21, 2005


     I'm in a slight state of procrastination right now, so I figured that this would be a good time to get a much needed and delayed post in. I haven't posted in forever. I'm supposed to be fixing Leslie computer that I've had forever. I'm coming close to finishing it. I need to reinstall the OS, but her BIOS has a password on it, so I can't set the computer to boot from CD. I'm about to clear the harddrive, and then see if it'll boot from CD. If it doesn't, I'll install the OS from a computer that can boot from CD, and then just put the hd back in her computer.

     In my state of procrastination, I'm looking for something to entertain my while I do my work. Looking for something to listen to. I go to to put on the web broadcast, and I see Mayor Daley of Chicago has declared Feb. 27th official Kanye West day. That's pretty fucking amazing, never would have saw it coming. It's all because of the fact that he won 3 Grammy's at the Grammies (or Grammys). It's amazing to me because even though I guess a lot of his listeners are white, I didn't think enough of them knew of him, or liked him enough to declare a day of the year after him.

     I'm procrastinating working on this CLDC project also. All of the computer are supposed to be formatted and brought but up. That would take days of non-stop work if it wasn't for automation. The thing about automation, is that everything has to be step up just so, before anything can be done. I have to make sure all the software packages are set up correctly and that there isn't anything important on the computers' hard drives that might get lost. The operators store all their games on the hard drives and I don't want to become a nuisance to anyone (don't know if I spelled that right).

     I'm out of here, time to do some stuff. . . .