Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Chin Check

Yet another song where Howard U is mentioned. It's a bit old; I had never heard this before. On the "Next Friday" soundtrack, N.W.A. - "Chin Check". I just had to take note, cause supposedly during the 90%, everyone, not just that one damn Biggie song (and that recent Luda one), was rapping about Howard.

[Ice Cube]
I'm a Nigga Wit an Attitude thanks to y'all
And I don't give a fuck I keep it gangsta y'all
I'ma ride for my side in the C.P.T.
God bless the memory of Eazy-E
If it wadn't for me where the fuck you'd be?
Rappin like the Treacherous Three, fuckin cowards
I'd have seen Dre rockin parties for hours
And I'd have seen Ren fuckin bitches from Howard
And I'd have seen Snoop give away Eddie Bauer's
So fuck Jerry Heller and the white superpowers

BERYL !!!!!!

I am SOOO pleased with this. It's just WORKED! Like "out-the-box" worked! Literally a few commands like what's described @ the quite awesome BioDesign howTo and it was up! I love these guys. There's been much raving about how the guys at beryl (try for now) may be inexperienced, but are quite hard-headed and have some awesome ideas. From reading blog reviews, it appears that Beryl is literally kicking some Compiz butt around these days. The results with AIGLX & Beryl as compared to XGL & Compiz are typically a lot faster and less demanding on resources.

Well you know I gotta throw my screen shots around all over the net, everywhere that I possibly can. It just so happens that I was very pleased with my new edgy eft layout, and had done some "before" snapshots already (sunday). Here are three. I had changed the icons and border to get a better look.

Unfortunately, I'm not running with mass amounts of RAM and processing power, so creating the live demonstration video like the original one that Novell did isn't all that possible for me. All I can really do is provide a still shot of what the new theme looks like. Just trust that I got all my wigley windows and screen flips and all that too!

Just to recap from the last post real quick, their site did go down Sunday as currently described at

Server hard drive disk failed on Sunday, and we're currently trying to rescue it even though it does not look good at all. Apologies.
I'm sure I wasn't the only one to notice. The wiki has reappeared as of yesterday, but the repositories are still not up, as well as whatever was on the default www page before. Luckily there are several people that made mirrors of the repositories. I didn't have any success with , but the second one suggested by the wiki, , came through. Add the line
"deb edgy beryl-svn" to your sources file for Edgy EFt, get the key using
"wget -O- | sudo apt-key add - ", and then 'sudo apt-get update' in order to be able to install the proper packages.

Monday, November 27, 2006

one step closer

/me just got the Second Life Alpha to install and play on my desktop (Ubuntu !!!). Alpha Software! I soo didn't think that was going to work. I successfully got hardware 3D acceleration working by downloading the i386 kernel for Ubuntu source (instead of the generic that I mistakenly installed last week), compiling it, and then compiling the NVidia kernel interface with the new kernel. I had tried this a couple of days ago, with linux-kernel-2.6.17-10-generic, and that ish just wasn't working out....

Now I'm a hoop, skip, and a jump away from getting a XGL config finally running.... and tell me why... the damn site was down ALLL night, and now it comes up as I'm writing this post...

Installing the propietary 3D drivers is the hardest point (now conquered). NVidia & ATI half-ass the hell out of them, to simply say they have linux support, but its like they put no effort into them. I know I've had problems with NVidia drivers for Windows before as well, but their linux drivers are just ridiculous.

... I was soo about to finally jump in the bed. I've got to try this new beryl howTo real quick now to see if it pops off!

btw, for anyone looking to do the same thing, from what I understand, and read to be confirmed more often than not online, there are two alternative technologies for this, XGL & AIGLX. Even though I say "XGL" (becuase it's more commonly known as that), what I'll actually try is AIGLX with Beryl as the Compositor Manager. This combination seems to be what runs the fastest for most people experimenting around with this right now. Even though this link is to a message board thread, it cleared up what I wanted to know about the conflicting options.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Daily Boondocks in your inbox

I have to say I really love this comic. It's really the first comic that has received any direct attention from me. This one particularly made me laugh in the morning.

Click photo to enlarge

Every morning, you can get the new Boondocks in your inbox at

Monday, November 13, 2006

Any Given Sunday | Anybody can get it!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


Urban dictionary is nothing new. Over a year ago it started coming as a default bookmark with firefox. Still, there's probably a lot of people that don't know about it.

Listening to a Nas mixtape, I happened to hear the word "Wanksta" and wondered what the actual word means. Hence, Urban Dictionary comes in perfect use.

1. Wanksta
A "wanksta" is a very basic word meaning a person who acts/looks like a gangster or thug, but has never done anything gangster or thug-like besides acting or looking like one. It can be towards any race or ethnicity. The word does NOT imply a WHITE guy acting black.

Al Capone is a GANGSTA - white guy
Ja Rule is a WANKSTA - black guy

Being the #1 definition, it's the user accepted definition of "Wanksta"... simply for anyone that may have been wondering what the word meant.

Friday, November 10, 2006

Great Month for Linux !!! | Ubuntu 6.10 Edgy Eft REVIEW

From (word for word) (with added links :D )

If you're a Linux enthusiast you probably noticed what a great month we've had. Slackware 11.0 was released on the 3rd. Mandriva 2007 was released the same day and showed us how integrated XGL, Compiz and AIGLX could be. Fedora Core 6 was released on the 24th and brought us an amazing Gnome 2.16 desktop with fabulous artwork. Ubuntu 6.10 came on the 26th and we couldn't wait to review it!

Read more at Feed

It's an oldie but a goodie. It's the Feed! lol. Yeah, finally added it to the sidebar of this blog; you can see my bookmarks as I add them; you can even subscribe if you want. Have fun!