Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The complete Duke Lacrosse Information Article

This is the tell-all article of all articles that I have read about this topic. Whether you have followed very little about this case, or you think you know most of everything that happened, trust me, YOU DON'T. EVERYTHING is described in great detail and laid out in this article. All the evidence, the timeline, the quotes, the lawyer bios... This case doesn't nothing but get more cryptic, juicy, and interesting by the second. There's scandal everywhere, and NEWSWEEK just about sums it all up right here.

There is a lot of information in this article that Newsweek picked up which I have not seen before, ie specifics of who did what parts of the alleged attack, etc. Very thorough article by Newsweek here.
 - ASong4Assata

Kim Roberts, the second dancer, gives a detailed interview to NewsWeek and the AP. There's also much information that NewsWeek dug up, involving the accused previous criminal records, just how rich these mofos really are, quoted descriptions from the people they associate with as to their personalities and characteristics. Shocking info. There's about 10 tens more info than I can describe here so all I can say is read the freaking article!


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