Tuesday, July 18, 2006

July Sweet July...... June?

Boy oh boy. No apologies. It's been an even longer time, but oh well. I'm living the good life. Home sweet home, no sweaty summers, no crowded ass narrow ass streets, no where near as many bums...just the lake, the lights, the 'L', the 'show', and good eating.

I really need to be taking some pictures. I've got one more month before I have to head back to DC, I figure that's some good time. Except for the fact I should really be getting on this internship grind for the last month as well. . . . Somehow Imma try to do both. We'll see what happened, especially since the demonic W.O.W. is now large and in charge; back in my life...

So much of my daily rituals I gave up in order to actually get an outside life. There's been no Naruto in damn near 6 months, no Smallville in longer, no downloading as a whole (I was about to start buying CDs!), no "Black and White", no Real Talk, no TV as a whole. . . . I even gave up computers for a while. CRAZY!!!! That's right, no AIM, no gTalk, no Gmail, no Google Reader, shit was crazy alright. As you can obviously see, there was damn sure no Blogging. Nothing but Giordano's, Showplace, my nephews-bro-and dad, Rush Street, Lucky Strike, Rock Bottom, the Marriott, the AMC (Chicago knows what I'm talking about), and Second City. I could explore this city for decades!

Yall already know my opinion about all of that... no need saying so.

In other news, worldly news, Tom Joyner keeps announcing that it's WWWIII every morning on the TJMS show, and it's starting to get to me. Does he just seriously not know what he's talking about like what I've been told.. is he taking what Madeleine Albright said way too serious... or is all the clought that this man have actually mean something? It's kind of the reason I got back on the comp, had to check the news to find what wtf I've been missing. All I can say on that is Lord Help Us...

Also involving the far east from here, Indian seems to be taking the Chine route and censoring the hell out of the Internet.

"The Great Indian Mutiny"

... explains that ...

India's Department of Telecommunications (DoT) passed an order to ISPs Friday to block several websites. The list is confidential. Indian ISPs have been slowly coming into compliance. SpectraNet, MTNL, Reliance, and as of Monday afternoon, Airtel. State-backed BSNL and VSNL have not started yet but likely will soon. The known list of blocked domains is *.blogspot.com, *.typepad.com and geocities.com/*.

So far to me, it's really up in the air what this is really about. With all the fighting and bomb shooting that's been going on over there, it could actually be a measure to fight terrorism, as the "Indian intelligence service" claims that is. It could also be a Tyrant administration finding a reason in worldly problems to do what they've wanted to do all along. Who really knows...

Peace, I've typed enough. There may be more posts today... perhaps more frequent... but who knows the answer to that either.


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