Saturday, May 20, 2006


So yeah, I haven't given a real post in a very long time (except the pix the other day). I have been extremely busy, and nothing is really different right now. I'm in a rush to get things sent up for the summer, plus trying to stay in touch with folks and have a shitload of fun at the same time. If only I had someone to share it all with. . .

The phone is broke! Dont try to call or text it, it wont answer... I'm in a rush right now to get that corrected too. I still have to get vzw to switch the account to my name, so I can do such things as have the phone changed. Here's what I plan (as of right now) to replace it with. (my mind changes like the wind. don't count on it.)

I bought a new camera last Saturday. There's gonna be a lot more where the pictures are coming from. I took a quarter of a gig in pix already, here are the various links.

Keep your eyes open, I'll try to provide a show.


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