Monday, May 01, 2006

Full Schedule

No, I'm not a late adopter. I was on top of this about two hours after it was made public. Just that I haven't got around to doing this yet. This is close to what the full usability of Google Calendar was meant for. Multiple subscriptions, multiple personal calendars, reminders, being able to switch back and forward between views, its pretty sweet.

For local events, like stuff in certain metros, hit up where they have webcal subscriptions set up for all their metro areas. Also, all of Mac's iCal websites are good because they provide for an assortment of other stuff, all in the same open formats.

About the 'Now playing..' album, yeah, its not up to par with my usual, meaningful taste, but its the new M.O.B.B. (on a new label) and I had to see what it's about. Sorry. Track two, four, and nine are pretty nice and I haven't even heard the whole thing yet.


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