Wednesday, November 09, 2005

One of them nights

It's another one of them nights. If you dont know, its getting to the point where I rarely go home. Like I pay rent for nothing.

We got cool project in Large Scale Programs. Program 1 is to build something like Google Maps or MapQuest but only for Howard's campus, so it would be like "Bison Maps". That's fun, just that its really large and we have to do it in groups, and the junior class isn't working together as well as I'd expect it. Perhaps more on that later.

There's always Systems Engineering I. This the world wide web, so I'm not going to say all that I want to about this class, let's just say that its too time consuming, too much tedious work, and boring as all hell (believe me, I had more to say).

I'm supposed to be working. Until later, Peace!


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