Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Right back in the hole

     The very second when I'm starting to come out of the hole financially, this shit happens. I get a surprise refund check from the school, that I had forgot I was supposed to get, and the very next day, I lose something very valuable that's going to cost me just about the same amount of money. This would happen on the warmest day of the year so far too, right when everyone was out on the yard having the time of their lives.

    I'm out on the yard, class is out, walking around talking to people, living it up. It's about 77 degrees out, the wind is blowing, and girls are dressed like they lost their minds. I'm walking back to the engineering building, going to play some CS in the air conditioning, and decide to call my grandma back from the message she had left me earlier. Turns out instead of trying to mail me the refund check Howard sent, she's wants my account number so that she can deposit it directly in (instant money, $431).

    After I give it to her, and am just chatting at this point, Dwayne walks up and needs a 20 dollar bill. I look, while holding my phone to my head with my shoulder, and see I don't have a 20, but I do have a lot of bills.
Dwayne: Well, do you have 20 dollars?
BT: Lemme see. . . . I got 18.
Dwayne: I'll take that. . . .
Right fucking there, I slip trying to pull the bills out of my wallet, and my phone hits the street ground in front of my feet (I'm stand on the curb, Dwayne is in front of me in the street). Bounces once, then back towards me, but I'm on the curb, so this bitch falls in the water drain that I'm standing on top of. No splash, no nothing.

    I'm fucking shocked. I can't believe this shit just happened. Why? Why fucking me? I don't even care about having to get a new phone either, cause I wanted one, but not now. My party is fucking Saturday, I have yet to invite people, AND ALL MY FUCKING NUMBERS ARE GONE. Not only that, but I had numbers in there from High School, all the Carver folk from last year, all of my friends' friends. People that I have no other way of getting in contact with, that I'll never see again. I had friends of relative's numbers, parents of friends numbers. Plus, I had just got out the hole. Now I'm right back in it.


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