Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Deeper into the Rabbit Hole

     I broke this horrible story into two posts. I noticed that it was getting long. The incident happened in front of the building to the left of Douglas Hall (looking from the yard) on Sixth Street. The drain that the phone dropped down was right next to some yellow cones and a big yellow contruction diamond sign, that stood on top of a steel plate in the street. I asked the police guard at the gate when the contruction workers worked on the site, and he said that they come every night at 6, but that sometimes they work one block up the street at Cramton Auditorium.

    I guess I'm a positive person until I'm positive that I'm stuck in a bad situation. Remember, I didn't hear a splash when it fell, I could even see ground when I looked through th e drain, not too far down, but too far for me to grab. I heard that it is supposed to rain tomorrow, so I'm hoping that these guys work today, and that they'll help me out. If they don't want to help, I'm willing to chalk up some money to get my phone back. It's only about 5, so I go back to CLDC and chill, and wait for the workers.

    (I'm getting tired of writing)It's about 8, and I figure they should be up there, even though I can't see them from the window in CLDC. I actually think I missed them. I walk up there to check, and sure nuff, they're up the street, working on something in front of Cramton. The Mexican boss buy was actually really nice and told one of his guys to go down the street with me and see if it was still there (hadn't fell into the water drain that's down there). He confirmed that there is a ledge down there, where stuff can safely on.

    We open up this man-hole, and the fucking phone is under water, I can see it. FUCK!! Damn, I want it anyway, maybe somehow it'll still work after its dried, or maybe the data can be taken out of it. He has this axe that he used to open the man-hole that has a flat end on it. He leans through the hole, and tries to scoop the phone onto the axe, to get it out. Don't work, now dirt has been kicked up from the bottom, and I can't see the phone anymore. He says he can see it, but keeps trying, and can't get the phone on the axe. He says that it's not going to work, and that someone is going to have to pick it out. I say I'll do it, since it's mine, and this ain't even his job. I put on this tiny glove he gives me (no help whatsoever). The water is hella deep, so my arms is getting soaked anyway, so whatever is down there is touching my skin regardless.

    I can't even feel the bottom of this thing. AFter a while, I think I feel it, and then its gone, I don't feel it anymore. I must have moved it, it was right on the underwater ledge too. He gave me a helmet to extend my reach, and I combed the entire bottom of that thing, but it was gone. It feel down on the deep end where the water drains, and the guy said that from there, it goes to the nearest treatment plant.

    On a side note, while I'm walking back to engineering depressed, while I left Tiffani in the server room by herself, I see Carey. I stop to say hi and whatnot, and she's looking at me kind of weird. (I had just got out of a sewer drain) I noticed I was scatching a lot, and stopped, and went on. When I got inside, in the light of the hallways, I noticed that I was covered in dirt, head to toe. I looked like I'd just rolled in some wet sand or something. Wow, that's what she was looking at. Oh well, now you know what I had been through Carey.

   In conclusion, I need everyone who I know to have their number sent to me some way or another. If there is someone that you know that I knew, send their number(s) to me, that means house, cell, work, etc. When I get my new phone, hopefully soon, you can call or text the numbers to me, or e-mail them to me. If you have multiple numbers that I had, send them to me also.


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