Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Troubleshooting Blogger

     I've already found out that this service is far from perfect. I originally had it set to upload the blog to my free site Blario.0catch.com. I had forgot that there's ads all over this thing and that it'd be better to host on www.blario.blogspot.com. Seemingly, because I chose exterior hosting originally, it never credited my account(or web space) at blogspot and does not have any intention in doing so. When I try to change the setting to host at blario.blogspot.com, it gets a login error everytime, as if my account isn't there. For the time being, I'm stuck on the ad riddled 0catch.com. It seems I've lost all chances to blog at blario.blogspot.com and that the only way for me to host anywhere on blogspot.com would be to register another account. Note to all bloggers and potential bloggers using Blogger.com, choose the on site hosting first, then switch later is you so desire.    I also tried to change the url to the blog at my site from blario.0catch.com/blog.html to blario.0catch.com/blog.htm. . . It has yet to change that on the ftp, just that now when I click 'view blog' it tries to access the blog.htm and fails because it doesn't exists. As a matter of fact, the whole purpose of this particular blog(this instant, don't know the proper word yet) is to see if making a post will force it to change that or not, and also so that I remember all that is wrong with this software.     I ain't one for formatting, never had neat handwriting. Still lacking that formatting on this page, but I'll try to incorporate some of that later. There's still a question of how often I'm going to be updating this thing. Is it going to be one of those, ever 5 min. type blogs or one of those once about every two weeks to a monty type blogs.

P.S. : I've had more issues than that with this www.blogger.com already, just that I ain't sure about where to put all of that right now, and I ain't even been through have the options yet.


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