Thursday, October 12, 2006

Sometimes It Be's Like That

Sometimes It Be's Like That

"Once upon a time at Howard, a young man mustered up all the courage he could to ask a special young lady on a date.

Without second thought, the young lady rejected him, because of course he’d always be there."

I stopped right there. Don't even know what this article is about yet... even this second. I'm floored by that. Is that really how it is? It's "No" simply because he actually cares and means what he says?! If he was bullshitting... then he would get a yes?! I'm floored. I've actually been reading about this type of thing... and everything I read actually says just that. Me being me, I'm still in denial... things CAN'T be that way! That can't be how life is... if so... who wants such a life? How can people live that way? It ain't worth it if that's really "how it be".

Alright... so I read the article. Amber English goes on to criticize the situation. Basically, rushed situations can turn sour, being too patient can leave you "in the shoes of the special young lady in the opening of this piece", and so on.. in conclusion; it's a game of balance.

On the other hand, away from people doing the rejecting, there are the people that are afraid of being rejected. I personally think this aspect is far underestimated. For all those people that play games such as the one displayed above, they are taking for granted what many a desireable man is not yet capable of. I believe it takes far more to spill one's guts than women give it credit for. Often you hear women complain of the wrong type of people approaching them, but out of the few righteous men actually about something, they shun away with thoughts like "they'll always be around". That type of activity is not cohesive to being asked out by more respectable men.

The article closes with stating that missed opportunities aren't the end of the world. Simply straighten up and be prepared for the next chance at finding Mr./Mrs. Right. I was at first disturbed, but I think its evident that some people indeed do think that way. May god keep those people away from me.


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Reality Bites... or so I've heard.

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