Wednesday, October 11, 2006

HU !!!

Only at Howard. Only at Howard can we pull these kind of acts. Only here can we get these ppl DIRT CHEAP, cause you know Howard ain't paying 'em anything. Amazing.

Only here can we pull big names for Damian Marley to perform at our selfish little homecoming and charge a lonely $35 dollars for it... AND guest performer Fay Ann Lyons. Only here do we get acts like Xzibit, Eminem, Young Guns, Trick Daddy, & etc. to perform absolutely free at yardfest, just so that they can be part of OUR homecoming. It's quite wild when you think about it. I dont know any other university getting that type of attention for their homecoming. If HU is good at nothing else, I guess you can say they do at least one thing to its full potential... and that's party!

Comedy Show '06: Steve Harvey

... didn't know that Steve Harvey had a morning show in WHUR... perhaps I should start paying attention to that station.

Cocoa Brown:
“When I realized you guys had a network, I sent out a blog asking you guys to tell me about what goes on”
What exactly does "sent out a blog" mean? I'm sorry.. is blog synonymous with e-mail now? ... somebody let me know.


Anonymous Ola said...

She might have written a blog post or sent out an email as you suggest.

Wed Oct 11, 09:00:00 AM  

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